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Initial consultation free

An effective consultation can answer questions of what suits your needs and likes, or the best time to make an appointment to get it done.

men’s haircut $50

Using one or combinations of conventional cutting methods, scissors over comb, straight raiser, or clippers. Including a relaxing shampooing and desirable styling.

Women’s haircut $80

Every haircut is carefully thought through and performed using chosen methods and tools that are required to achieve the best results. Including shampoo and styling.


color touch-up $80

This service provides matching outgrowth of one to one and a half inches with the length of your hair. Including conditioning and styling.

color touch-up & haircut $145  

Enjoy a discount when you receive two services in one visit.

Highlights $130 &up

As this category has become so vast and choices are limitless a free consultation is highly helpful and recommended for best time management and results. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone with any questions you may have.

highlights and haircut $190 &up

Enjoy a discount when you receive two services in the same visit.

Permanent wave $100 &up

Please do not book online without an initial consultation. Thank you.

Styling $40 &up

Including shampoo, conditioning, blow-drying, light ironing. For up-dos and special occasions please call on the phone. Thank you.